Should I bring my Baby to Disneyland?

Should you bring your baby to Disneyland?

Short answer? YES!!!!!

What to know Before you go…

Baby Center – Know what it is, where it is, and what it offers.

The baby center is an amazing resource within the parks for people who are in need of baby related items.There is a baby center in each of the parks.  At Disneyland itself it is located at the end of Main Street on the right hand side and in Disney’s California Adventure Park it is located in the Pacific Wharf by Ghiraedelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop.

The baby center offers a wide range of baby centric amenities including a nursing area, changing room with changing tables, toddler sized potty, feeding area with high chairs, microwave, sink, as well as a pretty nifty vending machine stocked with baby items.  This is always a great place to head if you realize that you have forgotten something when you are already at the park.  Below are suggestions of things to bring to help your visit run a little smoother. What to bring   *sunscreen  *hat  *stroller shade  *blanket  *formula  *bottle/ bottle liner
*nursing cover  *baby food/ baby spoons  *snacks  * diapers and wipes (plenty of wipes for hands faces and bottoms)  *baby carrier
*extra clothes  * extra shoes(they can fall off while baby is in the stroller and baby might want to join the Disney Junior dance party later.  *stroller (Disney doesn’t rent out double strollers and the singles strollers that they do have don’t recline…I feel that it is best to bring your own if that is a possibility for you.  I actually bring my jogging stroller because its easy to maneuver and doesn’t get caught in the trolley tracks on Main Street.) I  should note that the stroller has to be folded to get on busses and trams (learned that the hard way). I always have 2 things to carry my belongings.  One is an undergarment fanny pack where I keep valuables so they are always on my person and the other one is a diaper bag/backpack that I can leave in the strolle

What you can do with babies

The best lands in the Disney Park for babies and toddlers are Fantasy Land and Toon Town but you can find things to do with them throughout the Park.    *pirates  *small world  *winnie the pooh  *jungle cruise  *Casey Jr Circus train  *King Arthur Carrousel  *Dumbo the flying elephant  *Main street Vehicles  *Peter pans flight  *Storybook Land Canal Boats  * Alice in Wonderland  *enchanted Tiki Room(List CA Adventure rides)-  character greets-Toon Town-parades
-shows -rider switch (this is an awesome thing to know about if you have a child as well as a baby with you) . Rider Switch is great for rides with a height requirement.  With Rider switch, when the second person takes their turn they can bring up to 2 guests with them so if you do have kids with you that are tall enough to ride they get the advantage of going on the ride twice.-shows.  You can keep track of the show schedules and where to find them with the DISNEYLAND app.

Additional things to bring from home…

* Bubbles (there are great for keeping littles distracted from the lines you are waiting in) *Princess dresses & tiara – Every little girl wants to be a Disney Princess, especially at Disneyland.  Bringing your own Dress will save you from the expense of buying them at the park or going to the Bippity Boppity Boutique. *Mickey ears – You can either bring these or buy them at the parks.  Buying or making your own and bringing them before you come can be fun because it ensures that you have something unique.  Making your own Mickey Ears can be a great Project for older kids and is a lot easier than people think.*Glow toys – At night time (if you plan on still being there for night time) the streets glow with wonderful, sometimes pricey souvenirs.  Most young kids just want something that glows so I bring stuff with me.  You can get glow sticks from the dollar store or if you want to go a step above you can always get really cool glow stuff on Amazon.

I had the best time with my Baby at Disneyland and it was not as hard and stressful as I thought it was going to be.  Just take your time, focus on your little one and enjoy the magic of DISNEY!!!